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Tell me about your special ceremony


No two ceremonies should ever feel the same.


Every ceremony should feel unique and special, a personal reflection of you and whatever you need to make your ceremony unforgettable. I pride myself on writing and conducting individual, memorable, bespoke ceremonies. You will have  total control over the final ceremony, whether to include a variety of symbolic acts or not, where it takes place, who is invited and what music, readings or performances to include. You control how your story is told. 


From start to finish, you will be in the ‘driving seat’ and I will work to create your perfect ceremony, When it is all over, you will receive a presentation copy of the final script and memories to last a lifetime.


Your wedding, your way

Congratulations on your forthcoming nuptials!


Your wedding day should be the happiest day of your lives and set the stage for your future together. Whether you're planning an epic production of a wedding, a small intimate ceremony or something in between, there are very few rules when planning a wedding performed by a humanist celebrant. You can hold your ceremony anywhere, in a garden, in a field, in a woodland, at home, in a hotel or pub, in a hot air balloon, on a boat, anything is possible.


You can include symbolic acts such as hand-fasting, ring-warming, drinking from a quaich, candle lighting, sand blending,  jumping the broom or anything else that you feel fits your occasion.


You can choose to write your own vows, incorporate readings/ poetry, include live or recorded music, songs, interpretative dance, whatever you like to make your wedding memorable, meaningful and to truly capture the love you both have for each other, now and for your future.

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Vow renewals

Lets do it all over again!

Renewing your vows in front of those you love can be a powerful affirmation of your love for each other. Whatever your time of life or however long you've been married, a vows renewal ceremony can be full of joy and love and build new memories for your lives together. It can be a meaningful commitment to love and support each other for the rest of your lives.


You can renew your vows anywhere you like. Invite who you want to, or just be the two of you for an intimate ceremony. You could choose to incorporate a symbolic action such as exchanging new rings, hand-fasting or signing a commemorative certificate of commitment. You decide what feels right for you.


I will help you to create the perfect renewal of your vows. One that is deeply personal, unique and meaningful.


Celebrating life

Losing a loved one can be painful, sad and difficult to adjust to. Organising a funeral can feel daunting, coming at a time when you may feel least able to cope.


As a humanist celebrant, I can help you to create a memorable, fitting and unique tribute to the life of your loved one. A true celebration of their life.


Whether you are organising a funeral in a crematorium, in a cemetery , in a village hall, a pub, woodland or virtually anywhere else, I can work with you, family and friends to create the perfect ceremony to both celebrate the life of your loved one and provide chance for a final farewell.


You may choose to incorporate readings, poetry, photographs, video, songs and music. You decide exactly how to mark the life of the one you have lost.


All funeral ceremonies are unique and special.


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