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Create a memorable, meaningful farewell


Creating a funeral for a loved one may seem daunting, coming at a time when you feel least able to manage. A well-planned funeral can provide a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the life of the one you have lost, and a meaningful chance to say a final farewell.


A funeral is about the person who has died, but it’s for those who are left behind. It should help them to say a final goodbye and spend a moment to celebrate and remember the one they loved.


I will help you decide how best to celebrate the life of the one you loved.

Our process

to the perfect funeral

After an initial zoom or phone call to discuss your needs and for you to decide whether I am the right celebrant for you, I will usually arrange a meeting of those closest to the one who has died. This normally involves the next of kin and any immediate family members. It can also include close friends if required. The purpose of the family meeting is to gather as much information as possible to support a celebration of their life. I will also be able to help or support with music choices, suggest readings or poetry, ideas for the perfect tribute.

Within a few days of the family meeting, I will produce an initial draft of the ceremony script. This will usually have gaps, bits of missing information, bits for you to complete. I will continue to work on drafts of the script until you are completely happy with a final version.


On the day of the funeral, I will arrive at the venue early to make sure everything is in place. When the funeral party, family and friends are in place, I will conduct the perfect ceremony to celebrate and pay tribute to the life of the one you have loved and give you an opportunity to say goodbye.

When it is over, I will leave you with a presentation copy of the final script. 

01: Family Meeting

02: Drafting the Script

03: The Ceremony

04: Presentation Script

Outdoor Wedding Altar
Memorial Candle

However, wherever

I can prepare a funeral ceremony to take place wherever and whenever you want it.


Whether in a crematorium, in a cemetery, by a woodland grave, at a natural burial ground or virtually anywhere, anytime.


Whether you need a memorial ceremony, a living funeral or a celebration of life with a separate private cremation held at another time. It's your choice. 


I will work with your chosen funeral director and create your perfect ceremony.

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