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Tell me about your special ceremony


Renewing your marriage vows can be a powerful and meaningful act, whatever your reasons for doing so. Maybe your original wedding vows have lost their meaning and significance. Perhaps you weren’t given an opportunity to create your own promises to each other when you married. Maybe now is the perfect time in your lives to make a fresh commitment to each other. Maybe a marriage ceremony isn't right for you, but you want to make some personal vows or promises to each other in front of those you love and who love you. 


Whatever your reasons, I will work with you to create the perfect vows renewal ceremony. Whether you want a small, intimate ceremony with just the two of you and selected witnesses, or a huge showstopper of a ceremony, or something in between. It’s your decision.


Do it your own way.

Our process

to the perfect ceremony

Initially I will spend time getting to know both of you. Ideally this will be an in-person meeting with you at your home, or a venue of your choice. If required, this initial meeting can be held via Zoom. I will want to hear the story of your life together so far, hear your ideas for your vows or promises to each other, confirm the date, time and venue and begin to put together an outline of your ceremony.

I will be able to help with suggestions, discuss any music and readings, symbolic actions,  and help you create a memorable and significant ceremony.


Following the initial meeting, I will produce an initial draft script for your ceremony, usually within a week or so. This will probably have gaps, bits for you to fill in, things you want to change or add to. Sometimes seeing your story on the page will generate new ideas. I will redraft your script for as many times as needed to get it perfect for you.


A rehearsal of the ceremony can be held if needed.  Ideally this will be at the venue of your choice. Following the rehearsal there may be further script changes, additions or deletions. Then there will be the ceremony itself, one to remember for the rest of your lives. When it is all over I will leave you with a presentation copy of your ceremony script.

01: Getting to know you

02: Drafting the Script

03: Rehearsal

04: The Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Altar
Bride and Groom

Anywhere you want

There really are very few limits to where you can renew your vows. In your front room, by a bedside, in a pub, on a beach, in a garden, in a favourite beauty spot, by a lake, in a teepee.


You decide where is best for you. You decide who you want to witness your promises to each other.


You have a blank page, make it yours.

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