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Living Funerals- Imagine attending your own funeral…

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Living funerals are currently on the rise in the UK. Popularised in the USA, a living funeral is a ceremony dedicated to celebrate the life of someone who is still alive but who is perhaps approaching the end of their life. A living funeral is unique in that the tribute - usually reserved for a deceased person- is delivered to someone who is normally in attendance. In many cases, the person whose life is being celebrated has been involved themselves in creating the ceremony. They can help to provide crucial details of their life and their achievements, decide on music, poetry and readings, provide words of thanks for those they love, and give messages to loved ones to support them for when they are no longer here.

Living funerals can be powerful, celebratory and impactful. They can be joyous, emotional and poignant occasions where friends, family and colleagues are able to say a farewell to someone they love and admire, or express gratitude for things they have said or deeds they have done. They are unique in that the person whose life is being celebrated can also express thanks, maybe share a few words and say their own goodbyes.

A living funeral can take place anywhere. In a person's home; by their bedside; in a village hall; in a pub; in a garden; in a forest; by a lake; in a field. You choose where it takes place, and you choose who to invite. Big or small. An epic blockbuster of an event, a dramatic occasion or a simple gathering. A funeral to remember.

A living funeral can replace a traditional funeral ceremony, or it can compliment it. You decide. You have control.

To learn more or to discuss a living funeral for yourself, or someone you love, get in touch. I'd be delighted to help you create the perfect, unique ceremony.

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